Posted: Jan 17, 2021 4:15 am
by Frozenworld
You say that accepting this would radically alter your behaviour, there would be no point in doing anything. My view is that if we don’t know anything, including that, then the answer to “Why do anything?” is probably “Why not?” Do you find that sitting around doing nothing makes you happier than carrying on much as before?

Generally my stance is the "why do anything" since the "why not" aspect of it has already been answered.

Further, if you were actually genuinely interested, you would be taking note of the rebuttals offered and questioning them to try to understand. Instead, you're ignoring the majority of replies and then simply tossing in another wall of text written by someone else which you say is relevant but which appears to be just a pile of nonsense to the point it could well have been generated by a bot.

There is not one single cogent point amidst those written links you've sent, and the 40+ minute long videos (at least the parts you've eventually pointed to when asked to specify) don't contain an argument for solipsism at all.

FW, there have been beaucoup posts refuting the points you posted, you ignore them.

There have not. Most of it has been just calling the thing nonsense without addressing the quotes I listed or the replies that I have to the tiny handful of good posts that rebutted them (like how we presuppose we are experiencing a thing). If I keep repeating something it means someone has not addressed it.

Also there is a difference between not being able to have an answer against something and being credulous. The way the replies in favor of it sound it seems like it's true but I don't know what else to say against it so I end up taking it as true. The two are mutually exclusive. Which is why I said your point was wrong. ... ment-25306

I've browsed around a lot but unfortunately a lot of stuff tends to say that you can't prove solipsism wrong or right, but the same applies to and external reality and other people/minds. The link sort of mentions that in that all metaphysical hypothesis are ultimately unprovable and saying solipsism is both true and false, but I'm iffy on him calling solipsism a metaphysical position because it doesn't really explain anything at all.

But to reiterate, if I keep posting something it means people have not refuted or addressed it.