Posted: Jan 17, 2021 8:27 am
by Spearthrower
Frozenworld wrote:
There have not. Most of it has been just calling the thing nonsense without addressing the quotes I listed or the replies that I have to the tiny handful of good posts that rebutted them (like how we presuppose we are experiencing a thing). If I keep repeating something it means someone has not addressed it.

Also there is a difference between not being able to have an answer against something and being credulous. The way the replies in favor of it sound it seems like it's true but I don't know what else to say against it so I end up taking it as true. The two are mutually exclusive. Which is why I said your point was wrong.

Your paragraphs are contradictory.

First paragraph: someone said X, I don't know whether it's right, but person said X so it's true.

Second paragraph: people in this thread said Y, I don't know what's right, but they are wrong because someone else said not Y.

You want to talk about mutual exclusivity? You just exemplified it.