Posted: Jan 26, 2021 2:54 am
by Frozenworld
Cito di Pense wrote:Oops, FW. You forgot to separate your own thoughts from mine. How typical.

Frozenworld wrote:
That link to Stanford still doesn't address the quotes by ItStarrsAdam.

You didn't take the time to read the Stanford article, FW. That would have taken you hours to do properly, so that you'd know what points it addresses and what points it doesn't. Your protests are phony from beginning to end.

By the way, the tactic you're using, "cosmic loneliness is scary" sounds better coming from god-botherers. They're the sorts of folks who say things like, "you don't want to believe in god because the idea scares you". Solipsism, as scary as you make it out to be, has nothing on materialist or realist existential dread. You should probably become a theist first, if you are not one already, and then solipsism will be lots easier for you to swallow. Solipsists are wusses who can't tolerate good old existential dread.

Frozenworld wrote:It sounds like the main reason is that cosmic loneliness is hard to accept for folks and the chance of it being right is scary.

To repeat, I don't want it to be true, but I also don't want to be wrong.

What you want is irrelevant. The chance of it being right is scary, to you. What do you reckon? 50-50? Do you know about Pascal's Wager? Your estimate of chance is similar. That you are so ignorant of chance is what is scary.

Having read it over again my point is still correct that it doesn't address what the OP in the shroomery thread is arguing, but then again they never do. College discussions on solipsism tend to stick to pretty tame responses.

Solipsists understand ACTUAL dread not the materialist nonsense you call dread. Cosmic loneliness of solipsism trumps any sort of nihilism anyone can come up with because you are eternally alone with no other, because they never were. Seems you don't understand what is scary.