Posted: Jan 26, 2021 3:12 am
by Spearthrower
Frozenworld wrote:Not at all. I'm trying to find arguments that address the points I have found that sadly lend strength to solipsism but so far they have fallen short.

Once again...

You can't seem to actually state these supposed "points that... lend strength to solipsism" - what you keep doing is citing blocks of text or hour long videos without being able to summarize what you think is relevant.

You have stated you don't actually understand the "points" that you believe "lend strength to solipsism" - so why do you believe that they do lend support if you don't understand them?

Frozenworld wrote:I haven't decided this topic has worth,...

I disagree. I think the contrary is pretty clear.

Frozenworld wrote:... rather it has had worth for thousands of years...

Just not true at all.

Frozenworld wrote:... but alas the problem has never had a solution.

Non-problems don't have solutions because solutions can only solve real things.

Frozenworld wrote: Even modern neuroscience and quantum physics lends more strength to it than our notion of an external reality and other minds.


Frozenworld wrote: We know the brain "hallucinates" conscious reality in that it builds it according to sensory data, but the problem of solipsism is this can never be verified.

No we don't, and even were that the case, this lends precisely fuck all support to solipsism.

Frozenworld wrote:Why do we breath is a stupid and trivial question, it genuinely doesn't matter at all.


It's not at all trivial - it's just that you haven't bothered to think about it or to look into the available material. You're making my point for me perfectly.

Frozenworld wrote:The question of how do we know other people exist, or even the world, is far more important and so far has no solution.

Says no one credible.

Frozenworld wrote:People take it for granted, saying it's obvious.

Like saying that the reason we breathe is trivial, you mean?

Frozenworld wrote:But the more one thinks about it the less they know and finally they have to face the fact that they can't be sure other people are real or exist.

This is just clownery now FW - I despise lies.

Frozenworld wrote:I don't want this to be true or have merit. But unfortunately once you start questioning the assumptions you make about reality it's hard to stop and things are never the same after that. Everything is less solid and clear.

This is intentional obfusctation - you want to mystify the world, not address any real substance, that's why you're still yammering nothings at people after dozens of posts with hundreds of words. You've not presented a single iota of value in support of the conclusion you desperately want to draw, and your conclusion simply hangs unsupported except by your desire to consider it valuable.

Perhaps if you were to engage in honest discussion, you might be able to resolve the litany of confusions you have, but as you appear unwilling or unable to do so, then self-mystification is all you're going to achieve.

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