Posted: Jan 26, 2021 6:17 am
by Cito di Pense
Frozenworld wrote:But unfortunately once you start questioning the assumptions you make about reality it's hard to stop and things are never the same after that. Everything is less solid and clear.

Frozenworld: So says I.

Me: I don't think you're questioning anything. You say you are, which is different. You could demonstrate that you're doing any thinking by making your own points instead of using walls of text you claim to have read, and apparently swallow whole. You say you don't want solipsism to be true, but never make the argument that it is true. Somebody I never heard of has convinced you.

I'm not personally responsible for your gullibility. You are.

Frozenworld wrote:
Solipsists understand ACTUAL dread not the materialist nonsense you call dread. Cosmic loneliness of solipsism trumps any sort of nihilism anyone can come up with because you are eternally alone with no other, because they never were. Seems you don't understand what is scary.

Bend a spoon. Show us the awesome power of your dread, instead of whining in a text box. You're looking like the typical dimwit who's transfixed by the sight of his own typed words, stored on a server somewhere.

In a way, I can understand making a psychotic break; things have gone so far to shit that it might as well not really be happening. One day you'll wake up to an orderly who insists you not miss the bedpan, or have died young.