Posted: Mar 05, 2021 12:01 pm
by Cito di Pense
Frozenworld wrote:
All you have is sensation. How can you be sure anything exists outside it?

Whoever is asking that question seems to assume or to take on board as a properly basic belief that "outside" has a referent. At least the question assumes, or worse, recognizes implicitly that there is someone of whom to ask the question. The question is, therefore, fundamentally dishonest.

The way to ask the question honestly is to use first-person pronouns instead of second-person pronouns, and to provide a suitable answer, or at least a response. In the first person.

If instead one assumes there is someone to ask, which someone is or is not certain anything exists "outside", one response the questioner might get is that his interlocutor isn't locked into the notion of certainty and to hold in abeyance the notion that the questioner is at the pinnacle of attainable knowledge about anything, including the question of hard solipsism.

One possible result is that this interlocutor really exists and can proceed despite not being certain, whereas the questioner apparently is not up to this task. It is the questioner, rather than his interlocutor who is portraying certainty about some fact. Is that the goal?