Posted: Mar 14, 2021 11:23 am
by Spearthrower
Frozenworld wrote:
Because that is all we have, sensation. Artificial or not that is still the final thing we know we have. Anything outside of our senses is a guess. We could be wasting our lives believing we are doing anything only for it to just be us lying to ourselves.

In the post you're supposedly replying to, I already addressed this. I addressed this adequately clearly and sufficient number of times that it is obvious you are working over-time to ignore the point.

You contend you can't know everything else, but that you can know your senses - but you've not shown that to be true: you haven't even bothered trying to justify it, merely asserted it.

The 'skepticism' you bring to bear on everything else is suddenly and conspicuously absent from your consideration of your senses.

This is a clear example of motivated reasoning.

Motivated reasoning is a phenomenon studied in cognitive science and social psychology that uses emotionally-biased reasoning to produce justifications or make decisions that are most desired rather than those that accurately reflect the evidence, while still reducing cognitive dissonance. In other words, motivated reasoning is the "tendency to find arguments in favor of conclusions we want to believe to be stronger than arguments for conclusions we do not want to believe".[1]

Motivated reasoning is similar to confirmation bias, where evidence that confirms a belief (which might be a logical belief, rather than an emotional one) is either sought after more or given more credibility than evidence that disconfirms a belief. It stands in contrast to critical thinking where beliefs are approached in a skeptical and unbiased fashion.

It can lead to forming and clinging to false beliefs despite substantial evidence to the contrary. The desired outcome acts as a filter that affects evaluation of scientific evidence and of other people.[2]

Whatever 'justification' you employ to call into question the existence of everything else except your senses is equally applicable to your senses. Special pleading isn't going to change this. You've argued yourself into irrelevancy; from your 'position' nothing of any worth can ever be said - it's pseudophilosophy. Perhaps it makes you feel special, but for other people, it's really, really dense.