Posted: Dec 04, 2021 6:32 pm
by felltoearth
zoon wrote:
Frozenworld wrote:Skepticism is the default.

I’m beginning to wonder whether the ancient philosophical problems around knowledge, justification and scepticism may not be social in origin? This would be by analogy with consciousness, which is a weird and slippery concept if I’m following Descartes’ introspection and wondering what exactly the “I” that I’m so much aware of might be, but which makes much more sense in the context of humans as social animals which have evolved to use the similarities between brains to guess what others are likely to do?

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I wouldn’t say it’s by analogy at all. In fact the fragility of consciousness is at the heart of the tendency of some to be attracted to Idealism. I find narcissists are usually the ones defending it most virulently. Because when you look and see at the bottom of “I” that there is no justification for it and it is essentially an illusion we all carry in our heads, and your ego is therefore destroyed, then it follows that “it MUST be ALL an illusion, am I rite?” :teef:

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