Posted: Jun 16, 2022 3:08 pm
by tuco
newolder wrote:
tuco wrote:Ask a question :) It's fine. I just think it's not a very useful question. That is also fine.

Fine. It could be that username tuco is an AI posting to this chat. Is tuco a person? What does tuco see when tuco looks directly into a plane mirror? Could tuco post an image of tuco when tuco looks directly into a plane mirror? Does tuco understand that such images are sometimes referred to as "selfies" by people?

Now, have a similar interaction with the AI and note that, without cheating and with high probability, in many ways the selfie of the AI is unlike the selfie of a person.

The main problem with the question is IMO that AI understanding what a mirror is/does has a straightforward answer to it. Unless it was not self-aware, did not see itself, and did not want to lie. Oh wait!

Honestly, I dunno what I would ask AI. At least with regards to sentience. Let me think about it.

Side note: From the link I posted - Playing with your child in the mirror helps them to recognise themselves. - no kidding.