Posted: Jun 20, 2022 6:30 pm
by Spearthrower
jamest wrote:
I'm not denying that our observations/experiences are ordered and therefore predictable, but these are reducible to internal events within ourselves, none of which informs us about what we actually are or whether there's a reality beyond that.

The internal event within ourselves of a car colliding with our meaty bodies at 60MPH?

jamest wrote:Ultimately, believing that the reality of whatever you are is that of a finite body within the material universe, can be demonstrated to be a massive assumption with zero 'facts' to support the claim and certainly no sound reasoning.

It can be, can it? Go ahead then.

jamest wrote: And as long as you hold on to that belief, then you're no more open-minded to metaphysics than most, including the religious.

Ahh acknowledging the existence of the empirical is a close-minded belief - have you heard about the New Age movement, jamest? You're espousing very similar claims - I believe you may need to acquire a tattoo of a fairy on your buttock though if you want to attain some cachet with your more ideologically related fellows.

People here are interested in rational skepticism - not the complete abandonment of sense.