Posted: Mar 18, 2010 11:39 am
by Ilovelucy
katja z wrote:
FBM wrote:Seems most likely to me that the sense of free will is closely related to the sense of agency that is produced in the parietal lobe (left, IIRC). I don't see any reason to think that it corresponds to anything in particular; it's just a sensation.

There's the work that Libet did that strongly suggests that decisions are made prior to conscious awareness of them. More recently, John-Dylan Haynes, et al, did some experiments that seem to show that decisions can happen unconsciously up to 10 seconds prior to conscious awareness of them.

That's interesting. The "power of the veto" is an intriguing concept. So the solution-seeking process would be unconsciouss (meaning that reliance on gut feeling or "intuition" is a perfectly reasonable strategy?), but "the conscious I" would still decide whether to act on the outcome or not. This would make free will very limited, yet still more than "just a sensation" as you suggest in the first paragraph. Thoughts?

Many have said in the wake of Libet that we might not have free will but we do have free "won't".