Posted: Jun 16, 2013 2:52 pm
by mindhack
Doubtdispelled wrote:
mindhack wrote:
I Punch Your Face wrote:
Blip wrote:

My emphasis. That's a bold assertion to make: do you have any evidence for it? Disappointing personal experiences, if any, don't count.

I query your point (2) and conclusion as well.

It's not from disappointing personal experiences. Why would I be disappointed by the lack of something that I never expected in the first place? In all my years I've only probably come across two friendships between women that are comparable to the average male-male friendship in terms of sincerity. Pretty much all the men that I personally know would say roughly the same thing, and also a lot of the women I know too.

Friendships in terms of sincerity seems a pleonasm to me.

It's a slippery slope you've constructed.

It's easy to go from; women are not often sincere in their friendships, via, women are incapable of having sincere friendships, to ultimately, women only use people and are therefore not to be trusted.

I'm finding myself wondering whether this particular slippery slope isn't the other way up for some people.

I was wondering that myself, whether I punch_your_face presented us with the conclusion of this slippery slope in a round about way.