Posted: Jun 16, 2013 4:47 pm
by Scot Dutchy
mindhack wrote:
Scot Dutchy wrote:I think it is a stupid question.

Ofcourse you can have friends with any sex and you also can have sex with any sex what is the problem. I had a realtionship for years with a girl/woman. After many years we met up again and had we were still very good friends but we had realised years ago as a couple we would be useless. We used to sleep together but no sex it just did not suit us. She was very attractive but there was no spark.

Why do so many people have hang ups about sex?

There are no pre-conditions only in some peoples minds.

I'm used to being around women from an early age on. From early childhood I remember having girls as friends, which was something sometimes being frowned upon by my fellow male friends. During puberty it wasn't much different. Heck, we had a nice bunch of people gathering often, as friends, we had sleepovers, and all that. Mostly without sex, mostly :lol:

Do you think it is an anglo-saxon hang up again?