Posted: Mar 02, 2014 3:20 am
by TMB
ED209, you said,
If someone wants to get a nose job, let them. It's not valid for anyone to criticise their motives just because they are female.

What do you mean by valid? The reality is that people criticise others constantly about various things, for women this happens to be around their appearance. Your post appears to be saying that we ‘ought’ not to do this and perhaps you are correct, however it is not the reality. Logically one might argue that if we are agreeable for someone to get a nose job because they think they will be better judged by people looking at their nose (likewise, breast implants, hair removal, makeup, clothing etc etc) then why do we have issues when being judged because we do these things so we can be judged to be better looking and more desirable.

It probably won't let her swim faster but if she wants to increase her TV appearances and sponsorship deals then physical beauty can only help in exactly the same way that david beckham earned more from sponsorship than peter beardsley. where's all the outrage at wayne rooney for getting hair implants, instead of being the poster boy for baldness? Won't someone think of the pressure he must have been put under by twitter or whatever, obviously he couldn't really have wanted them and so on

Men are certainly judged by their appearance, David Beckham for example and many women see him purely as a physical object to swoon over, however he makes millions because of this. No doubt as the passage of the years reduces his value as a physical object, he might struggle to accept this and use cosmetic surgery to turn back the clock in a race he must inevitably lose. However men are still far less valued for their looks. We might not like this reality by the evidence is hard to avoid.