Posted: Mar 02, 2014 5:12 am
by igorfrankensteen
Between the insider comments, and the spoof posts, it's difficult to tell what, if anything, this thread is supposed to be about.

What little I can make out through the noise, leads me to post a couple of observations which may or may not be pertinent, depending on whether this is a joke, a troll thread, or something serious.

* Unless the competition committees for meets decide to weight athletes performance according to how cute they are, there is no validity to linking who has to compete against who, with treating all athletes with equal respect as people.

* There are at least two kinds of competition involved with this particular situation: one for athletic performance, and one for commercial endorsement deals. I suspect that the appearance aspects have more to do with the latter, and that the sexes are equally treated to calls for altering their appearance to please vendors offering endorsement contracts.

* Tweets are again, a separate issue, since they reflect a portion of the general audience, and do not represent the Athletic Authorities. If a given athlete has trouble recognizing the difference between one kind of competition and another, or they tie their sense of accomplishment to the popularity contests instead of the athletic competitions, they will tend to have the kinds of problems that the cited article mentions.

* All in all, it sounds as though the athlete in question wasn't properly prepared by her trainers, to deal with the results of reaching the level of public scrutiny she did. No need to argue for a change in societal structures and habits because of that.