Posted: Mar 02, 2014 8:54 am
by Thommo
Fallible wrote:I knew you were going to bring up the tennis thing. There have been complaints that the women in certain tournaments receive the same prize money as men, despite them playing less sets (this was not always the case, it was changed recently). What is ignored here is that it's the same amount of effort for them to reach the very highest level as it is for men. Having put in the same effort, it makes sense that they should be rewarded the same. That said, I see no reason why women should not play the same number of sets as men - the fact that they do not seems to be based on the idea that women can endure less. Yet they are able to for example run marathons of the same distance as men.

I more or less agree with you about everything but the tennis, the women earn more for less effort, indeed the lesser stress of women's singles frequently enables top players to enter the doubles in the same tournament (often mixed doubles) and earn a second prize purse. Not to mention sponsorship, which interestingly ties well back into the overall topic - players like Sharapova or Kournikova can earn substantially more in off court fees due to their appearances than say someone like Marian Bartoli (who is an excellent player and quite likeable when interviewed). Indeed Bartoli had to receive an apology for dickish commentary during the last Wimbledon.

Incidentally I'm not quite sure why weight categories in boxing are being compared to separation of men and women in athletics. The reasons are patently not the same ones, if they were there would also be weight categories in (for example) sprinting - there aren't.