Posted: May 20, 2014 7:26 pm
by Munchies
Keep It Real wrote:10 years? 50 years? Never?

Economic activity is bad for the environment - so much of it is unnecessary (and unpleasant) already (eg. aggressive sales in all industries). I look forward to the day when people can be unemployed without stigma. A post scarcity economy (barring things like yachts and gold plated lamas) already exists in most developed economies - isn't it time to just give all citizens a guaranteed income, free from stigma? I know the green party in the UK have that in their manifesto but they're only a minor player in the UK political scene - any calls from major parties to put an end to unemployment stigma?

I suspect that the unemployment stigma is an evolved social response to an individual whose seen as not pulling their weight in society. Also being unemployed doesn't stop you from volunteering which again many unemployed individuals are reluctant to do despite the obvious benefit it has in regards to employability. The few times I've been unemployed in my lift I've filled these gaps in my employment history with by doing volunteer work.

There is a lot of work which could be done by the unemployed but which the state can't afford to fund. Forcing people to do volunteering work would diminish it's value to an employer so I'm not suggestion this but people should certainly be encourage in that direction.