Posted: Jun 14, 2014 2:20 pm
by trubble76
I have a similar experience but I don't let it bother me. Let me apply it to a similar situation, I cringe when I see people eating celery, I don't like it and I never will. It makes me feel uncomfotable because of the curious human habit of empathising with events that we witness but I would never attempt to stop anyone eating celery and I enjoy living in a society where people are free to eat or not eat celery to their heart's desire. I have no wish to stop anyone from eating celery, even in public, as long as I am not forced to watch and I am not forced to pretend I enjoy watching, which never happens, so that's fine. My lack of enjoyment of celery is my problem and it's one I have come to terms with. I wish long life and happiness to all those that enjoy celery and count many as my closest friends and family, they all accept that celery just isn't my thing. We have many other wonderful aspects of life we can happily share.

From another persepctive; I enjoy rare meat. I delight in the bloody juices. I realise that a small but significant proportion of society that feels repelled by my meat preferences. I know that it would make many people feel nauseated to witness my carniverous predilections and if in the company of those people, I would try to take account of their sensibilities as long as my own preferences were not overly curtailed in the process. I love it, others are disgusted by the thought of it, we can still be friends as long as we can both accept each other's positions.

In short, most of us do things that would disgust other people, like eating meat, picking toe-nails, plucking erroneous hairs, etc etc. We do not need everyone to like everything we do in order for them to like us.