Posted: Jul 15, 2014 10:58 pm
by tuco
What happened in the last century or so is that people started to migrate more often and further away from their families for various reasons - jobs, independence, environment. Traditional family ties, when two and more generations used to live under one roof, been broken.

For some people it could be sometimes difficult to follow up on such ties especially when not ideal initially. I've been told by clients that they did not want to hinder their families. Question is, why hindrance, but they seem to prefer not being with them.

People who do not know what the fuck is going on still feel. Institutional feel is, for objective reasons, not as lets say kind. And when it comes to ethical issues, involving rights of such people, there are excesses in both, home and institutional care.

As I said, situation which feels unbearable for both parties is probably not ideal despite perceived or alleged duty. If its not voluntary it does not work too well. There is no single solution to fit all. Moral philosophy applied.