Posted: Jul 19, 2014 11:42 am
by epepke
Fallible have to buy insulin?? Fuck, of course you do. Jesus.

Ayup. And syringes, but they're only $12.50 for 100.

There are free insulin programs, but you pretty much have to live in your own house and be female and probably also dead to quality. OK, I'm only slightly exaggerating here.

You can get free glucometers, but the replacement strips are dear.

On the other hand, it's all over the counter, except for stuff like Lantis, which isn't good anyway. I used to have interesting conversations with people who thought that handing out free syringes and needles was a good thing to do. I had them stop the car, whereupon I walked into any drug store (chemist) and came out with a 15¢ syringe.

I spent some years off and on doing research into why addicts share needles. There is some fear that the bore isn't big enough and don't want to wait for the heroin to dissolve that much, but a lot of addicts do use insulin syringes. Also, they do work for IV as an off-label use. They can even draw blood, though it's probably hæmolized, but who cares?

Instead it appears to be a status and social thing. If you have nice "works," you want to share them. It's like passing a joint or pipe or giving someone a ride on your Harley. Shame that it kills so many people, though. Still, needle exchange programs don't appear effective, especially if you consider that the lines to them are great places to score. I've heard of some that are supposed to work, but I don't know what they do differently.

In any event, the fact that so many people don't know you can get syringes with needles OTC makes me roll my eyes a bit. Even lots of physicians don't know this, and it's their job to know these sorts of things. So many docs have offered to write me insulin prescriptions and are surprised when I tell them they aren't necessary. They also don't know that Walmart has the cheap stuff, and everywhere else the same stuff, even the same brand, runs $70 to $100. Even Costco, which I much prefer for their employment practices, is expensive. So I hold my nose and go to Walmart and don't buy anything else there.

Delivery sucks because how do you know what temperatures the package has been exposed to? Same for condoms, another life-saving invention. Buy a condom in Florida in summer, which lasts about 11 months, and you might as well pray to Cthulhu. But I digress, which I do a lot.