Posted: Jul 20, 2014 7:03 am
by smudge
kennyc wrote:
smudge wrote:Anecdotally it seems when people retire they often lose that bit of oomph. This could well be the fact that they are just older and so do lack the oomph because of this. It could also be that no longer having get up, go out, and do stuff 5 days a week they lose the desire to do anything and so the ability also dissipates quickly.
I can't help wondering if keeping busy at something - work, voluntary, active time consuming hobby - makes a difference.

I think it absolutely makes a difference!

just my anecdotal observations though...

Yeh....but it's what we would like to believe isn't it? Because we think "when I get old and retire I'll keep active and busy and involved". Some concrete evidence would be nice, eh?