Posted: Jul 20, 2014 9:26 am
by Doubtdispelled
smudge wrote:
kennyc wrote:
smudge wrote:Anecdotally it seems when people retire they often lose that bit of oomph. This could well be the fact that they are just older and so do lack the oomph because of this. It could also be that no longer having get up, go out, and do stuff 5 days a week they lose the desire to do anything and so the ability also dissipates quickly.
I can't help wondering if keeping busy at something - work, voluntary, active time consuming hobby - makes a difference.

I think it absolutely makes a difference!

just my anecdotal observations though...

Yeh....but it's what we would like to believe isn't it? Because we think "when I get old and retire I'll keep active and busy and involved". Some concrete evidence would be nice, eh?

Oooh, you want concrete evidence? :lol:

I can give you some! I'm semi-retired, receiving my pension, am still self-employed as a dressmaker, and have a little job as an invigilator. I haven't actually been doing or seeking much sewing work lately though as I have had another project, one involving concrete and plaster...

I can quite proudly say that I have just finished totally renovating the sitting room of our old cottage, a job which had been awaiting attention for years while I was working outside the home.

It has taken me a long time, months and months in fact, the main reason being that previous work done by former owners was so very bad that it all had to be re-done. I started by re-pointing the large brick fireplace with the age-appropriate lime plaster after having first painstakingly removed the grey render with which some idiot had tried to repair it years ago, built a new slate hearth (which is where the concrete comes in 8-) ), installed a new woodburner, then moved on to the ceiling, putting up new plaster board between the beams, re-plastered all around the top of the walls and some areas of damaged plaster on the front wall, re-wired the lighting, chasing in the cables and the tv aerial cable, painted the whole lot including re-varnishing the beams, laid new cork floor tiles after levelling some areas of the floor which were rather uneven, and finally renewed all the skirting boards.


I'm a bit knackered now, but the exercise, particularly that of laying the floor tiles, made me think that maybe I should take up some form of yoga, because - tiring as it was - it did make me feel good.....