Posted: Sep 09, 2014 3:10 pm
by babel
scott1328 wrote:
KeenIdiot wrote:I am sort of the same way. I also am awkward around gay guys. Aside from what's been discussed, I think part of it for me is I am extremely socially awkward. I don't know when a girl is expressing interest in me or just being friendly.
Knowledge of that really makes me uncomfortable around gay guys, that I might accidentally give the wrong idea or misunderstand their meaning.
the former led to me pulling a knife on somebody who followed me out of a hotel in the wee hours of the morning.

I think the biggest problem for straight guys dealing with gay men, is that the straight guy is afraid that the gay guy will treat the straight guy, just like the straight guy treats women. And you know what, in many cases that is exactly what happens. But, to that I say, so what? Grow a pair. Women have put up with the unwanted advances of people who do not interest them for eons. Learn something from this and don't be that guy in the future. And by the way, gay guys make the best wing men.

In the end, even if someone does make a pass at you, consider it a compliment. I once was approached by a guy if I was available and willing. I truthfully informed him I was not interested (being heterosexual) and he accepted that. Shouldn't be more complicated than that. Most people can take rejection fine, be they hetero or homosexual.