Posted: Sep 17, 2014 11:00 am
by Adco


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This guy has taken up residence at my local highway off ramp. The off ramp has two lanes and he parks himself right in the middle in a kneeling position. Actually, there are a few of them that do this at various intersections around Johannesburg.

A couple of points to be made;
1) They do it at night. They are dark and therefor almost invisible.
2) Sometime the traffic light is green and cars approaching his position can be moving at speed. When the traffic light is red, the two cars in front can see him but the cars behind cannot easily see him. When they move forward, there is a chance of crossing over and connecting with him.
3) If someone rides over him, who is a fault?
4) What if someone swerves to avoid him, misses him and causes an accident? He is just going to get up and run away.

We have lots of beggars at the intersections. So only walk among the cars when the traffic has stopped moving. Some stand in the middle of the lanes even when the cars are moving and some now kneel down and can't been seen. Imagine the guilt and legal repercussions if someone were to kill one of these guys.