Posted: Jan 07, 2015 12:19 am
by Darwinsbulldog
Emmeline wrote:It's the "decades of ill health" that pisses me off because they're a massive drain on the NHS and welfare budget. Sometimes I feel like I've worked hard all my life just to see my taxes supporting idle, feckless parasites. Apologies if I sound like a Daily Mail reader but you don't have to be one to feel angry about pathetic, self-indulgent scroungers when there aren't enough hospital beds or support systems for everyone else.

I'm not talking about those who become obese due to disability or medication. I mean the ones who've "eaten all the pies" and not exercised.

Blaming the victims, Emmeline?? The truth is that we are all at fault. We settle for mediocre leaders, because we are afraid of charismatic or bold leaders. We have allowed the big end of town to control the election dialog, reducing the political debates about which party are the "best economic leaders". The "externalities" of capitalist business are ignored: the social and environmental costs, so we have nations full of fatties.
Unless or until non-profit values are brought into the market, and a built-in consideration of the REAL costs of goods and services, then everything will not stay the same, it will get worse.
Thus a MacDonalds burger is not $2, it may actually be costed at -say-$20 each, once the health effects are thrown in. In Australia, an attempt to introduce a carbon tax ended up in electoral defeat for Labor, because the big end of town runs extremely well funded scare campaigns.
In fact I think humans have lost control of economic and financial systems. To reform the globalized economy to reflect real values:environmental & social costs in prices, we need over 200 national governments, and a whole shitload of regional and local councils, to simultaneous agree on introducing such values into the market. If such cooperation is not perfect, the global economy could collapse.
The problem is a lot more serious than the serious health issues in the population, including child obesity. Much bigger. Humans have lost their franchise to govern themselves. Government has drifted from Cabinet room to the Boardroom.