Posted: Jan 07, 2015 12:23 am
by Fallible
Emmeline wrote:It's the "decades of ill health" that pisses me off because they're a massive drain on the NHS and welfare budget. Sometimes I feel like I've worked hard all my life just to see my taxes supporting idle, feckless parasites. Apologies if I sound like a Daily Mail reader but you don't have to be one to feel angry about pathetic, self-indulgent scroungers when there aren't enough hospital beds or support systems for everyone else.

I'm not talking about those who become obese due to disability or medication. I mean the ones who've "eaten all the pies" and not exercised.

I'm a bit surprised to read this from you to be completely honest. I expected more compassion, and some understanding that even if obesity is a result of eating all the pies, there is often a reason that the pies get eaten which goes beyond 'they're just lazy slobs', which involves mental health issues. Did Katie Hopkins hack your account?