Posted: Jan 07, 2015 2:52 am
by Rachel Bronwyn
Even if fat people are making the conscious decision to abuse their bodies and burden society with healthcare costs, the only reason they get so much flack for it is because their "vice" is a visible one and people generally don't like looking at fat people.

Nobody talks about competitive skiers who injure themselves horribly and spend decades of their lives costing public healthcare systems exorbitant amounts of money that they wouldn't have had they just played less extreme sports being burdens on society. People who waste energy and pollute and will cost their kids huge amounts of money through the damage they're doing to the planet don't get treated anywhere nearly as badly as fat people do either despite the fact they're doing the same damn thing that's used as an excuse for ripping on fat people: burdening society.

Most of us burden society in some manner. The fact the ill health and associated costs is visible when a person is fat doesn't absolve the rest of us of the activities we engage in that end up costing society a lot of money.