Posted: Jan 07, 2015 2:56 am
by Weaver
Emmeline wrote:It's the "decades of ill health" that pisses me off because they're a massive drain on the NHS and welfare budget. Sometimes I feel like I've worked hard all my life just to see my taxes supporting idle, feckless parasites. Apologies if I sound like a Daily Mail reader but you don't have to be one to feel angry about pathetic, self-indulgent scroungers when there aren't enough hospital beds or support systems for everyone else.

I'm not talking about those who become obese due to disability or medication. I mean the ones who've "eaten all the pies" and not exercised.

One of my mentors had a great observation about people who made a series of bad choices throughout their lives and ended up in less than ideal health as a result - that none of them made these decisions all at once with ill health as a desired or planned end state. The bad decisions were made across a period of years to decades, with little immediate consequence to demonstrate instantly that bad decisions were taken (as would happen, for example, if someone jumped off of a roof) - they cannot really be held to blame for "bad decisions" because the end state was the result; that end state was never a planned result. And while it's wonderful to say everyone should make good decisions all the time and pay consequences for bad ones - who really thinks that they carefully thought through all their decisions in their teens and twenties when habits were formed?