Posted: Jan 08, 2015 2:58 am
by Tbickle
Rachel Bronwyn wrote:Health is too different from one person to another to make generalisations about healthcare costs based on lifestyle. Some people will spend their entire adult lives fat, die at ninety-three and have never suffered ill health resulting from the weight. Some extreme athletes will never dislocate a joint much less become a paraplegic. Other people who seemingly do everything right will be riddled with disease and a shortened lifespan.

This is just simply not true. Not only is there a tremendous amount of data to support that excess weight is strongly correlated to a shorter life span, it is directly linked to various debilitating and deadly diseases. This line of argument is often used by the HAES supporters and is just factually incorrect.

I will agree that weight is not the sole factor in determining health of an individual, but excess body fat is a contributing factor to many cardiovascular issues, diabetes, and even cancer. An individual in a healthy weight range will have less suceptibility to certain diseases than the exact same person who happens to be overweight or obese.