Posted: Jan 08, 2015 7:53 am
by smudge
Emmeline wrote:

I surprise myself too sometimes but I'm feeling very grumpy at the moment about how some people have to battle to get help while others get everything. One of my cousins recently died of MS, from which he'd been suffering for several years. He worked hard all his life but when he needed help with carers & mobility, he was subjected to endless forms, interviews & extra medicals. It was exhausting and humiliating for him & his wife.

"Get everything?"
Emmeline I am stunned to read this having admired many of your posts.
Have you any fucking idea how hard it is for people who are seriously obese, perhaps with psychological or emotional causes, to get help and support? By "get everything" do you mean "get" all the short sighted judgmental inaccurate assumptions and personal abuse from people who should know better? Do you mean that they "get" the joy of discomfort, illness, and constant embarrassment because of their physical condition? Or do you mean "get" the appalling lack of support in terms of being bounced from department to department to waiting list to waiting list in the hope of trying to access mental health services and assessment which underlies their obesity?
A shame about your cousin. Some empathy may be in order. There are people who suffer similar "exhausting", "frustrating", difficulties as your relative because of other health issues. Like obesity for example.