Posted: Jan 08, 2015 8:08 am
by Fallible
Emmeline wrote:
Fallible wrote:
Emmeline wrote:It's the "decades of ill health" that pisses me off because they're a massive drain on the NHS and welfare budget. Sometimes I feel like I've worked hard all my life just to see my taxes supporting idle, feckless parasites. Apologies if I sound like a Daily Mail reader but you don't have to be one to feel angry about pathetic, self-indulgent scroungers when there aren't enough hospital beds or support systems for everyone else.

I'm not talking about those who become obese due to disability or medication. I mean the ones who've "eaten all the pies" and not exercised.

I'm a bit surprised to read this from you to be completely honest. I expected more compassion, and some understanding that even if obesity is a result of eating all the pies, there is often a reason that the pies get eaten which goes beyond 'they're just lazy slobs', which involves mental health issues. Did Katie Hopkins hack your account?

I surprise myself too sometimes but I'm feeling very grumpy at the moment about how some people have to battle to get help while others get everything. One of my cousins recently died of MS, from which he'd been suffering for several years. He worked hard all his life but when he needed help with carers & mobility, he was subjected to endless forms, interviews & extra medicals. It was exhausting and humiliating for him & his wife.

Meanwhile, there are people who have never worked or paid taxes living off the rest of us. Within that group are some morbidly obese people who have no intention of trying to be healthier and instead claim benefits for carers, cleaners, mobility scooters etc. These are the feckless, idle scroungers I'm pissed off about.

I'm more than happy for my taxes to support people with addictions (including food) & with health programmes to improve their lives. However, for those who won't even make an effort to try & be healthier, I don't agree with pandering to their lifestyle choice by providing them with free carers & equipment. If that makes me sound like Katie Hopkins then it's embarrassing but it really is how I feel about it.

I was going to respond at length but to be honest I'm not sure what to say to you.