Posted: Jan 08, 2015 9:17 am
by smudge
Emmeline wrote:I truly am sorry to have disappointed or surprised some people with my posts on this topic. As I said before, sometimes I surprise myself at how angry I feel about those obese people who won't try to help themselves. Maybe I'm just becoming a lot less tolerant as I get older and have more people around me becoming ill & disabled who struggle to get the help they need.

"some' people with all sorts of conditions can't be bothered to seek help or in some way contribute to their condition getting worse. This may include those who are obese, who have an addiction, who have cancer, etc.
Some obese people try very very hard to get help and treatment. Some obese people are "ill people who struggle to get the help they need". Perhaps some obese people are lazy fuckers with a death wish, who knows. But so are many other sub sections of groups with other health issues.
Clearly you don't have anyone in your family or social circle that struggles with obesity/food issues. I do. It is surely not difficult to grasp that obesity is often a mental health issue, that mental health services are stretched and patchy, that these issues are complicated and time consuming to treat, that sufferers truly suffer, that sufferers deserve compassion, that the limits of your personal family experience is no excuse for lack of empathy.