Posted: Feb 28, 2017 5:23 pm
by tuco
Keep It Real wrote:
Macdoc wrote:Why do you assume assimilation is a worthy goal?

I think it's generally an impossible goal in the uk for different races and non-native whites, as evinced by the fact they don't integrate well in general. I think we should give up on multiculturalism, prevent further ethnically disparate immigration and encourage other races and ethnicities to move to the places where they fit in (ie. other countries). Some should remain, ideally, imo, but there are far too many and there are more and more every day.

Give up on multiculturalism .. how?

Give up on the idea that people of different colour (its "race" btw .. after all the years here get it right, tx), nationality, faith, language (what else?) will and ought to mix in the so-called melting pot and will live happily every after? Well, too early to tell and to be honest I kind of like diversity.

We've had several threads on how multikulti failed. All of them without proper definitions to begin with. How about we just live and let live and this multikulti will happen or not. But but .. yeah, I am all ears.