Posted: Mar 01, 2017 8:12 am
by Fallible
monkeyboy wrote:
Macdoc wrote: are ALL fucking immigrants ....get over it....get along, enjoy and embrace diversity :nono:

Why the fuck do you think "integration" is needed ??? You like bland food or something??? Immigrants bring diversity, new energy, new ideas to stale mono-cultures.

You think Indian emigrants didn't enrich the UK over the two hundred years ???

British Indians are barely 2 per cent of the population, but 12 per cent of all doctors"


You're right. We are all fucking immigrants. Far as we can trace my lineage back, I've got Danish, French, 4 German lines, Russian and Irish via USA, Irish, Scottish and Flemish. Makes me as English as the next English person.
There's only a couple of villages in Norfolk and one near Taunton (they know who they are) could claim a tangled enough family tree bush to claim no external DNA has adulterated their ever weakening strains. The rest of us are as pure indigenous populations to our current turf as the majority of Merkins are, documented or not.

Well, perhaps a fair few generations further back than the Merkins in some cases, but still immigrants, yes. My family are Celts of different varieties on one branch for as far as the eye can see, so there's a chance they've been here for a few thousand years, I suppose. I doubt I get out of this without those pesky Danes, Romans and Normans having some say though, at the very least. No doubt there's all sorts I don't even know about because documentation doesn't go back that far.

That's the problem when you start thinking in terms of 'in my own country'. 'Country' is a human concept, and is completely arbitrary. When does a land become one's 'own country'? Even the First Nations people came from somewhere. Maybe we can't call anything but the continent which is now Africa 'my own country', but then what purpose would it serve? It would be the same for everyone, and everyone would have the same claim to it. Ohhh, yes, of course. We actually say 'I can't even do such-and-such in my own country' as a way of expressing how hard it is for us to deal with difference. Well. Boo hoo! I wonder how the Spanish feel about all the Brits prancing around over there in their pubs and chip shops, 'No, I no parlo Spagnol, Diego, just the Queen's English hahahahaha!', even though they've been there 20 fucking years. /rant.