Posted: Mar 01, 2017 1:54 pm
by VazScep
Keep It Real wrote:Yep, still feel the same way today - don't want ethnically majority "pure" nations. I reckon most people feel more comfortable around their own ethnicity, but we must fight against that and try to get along equally well with our ethnically diverse neighbours. There's nothing else for it - I'll have to move to Chinatown and show them we're not all "white devils" and that they don't have to ghettoise themselves as it fosters "us and them" mentality. I also take issue with the phrases "the black community" and "the gay community" because they presuppose and validate segregation. There's only one type of community and that's (should be) the optional variety. So anyway, to reiterate, I don't want a reduction in immigration anymore, and I don't want to encourage the ethnic minorities to leave. We just need to try and get along better.
I consider it a privilege in being a sceptic that I don't feel the need to believe as much shit as other people. You don't have to have an opinion on non-white ethnicities, or reckon stuff about what other people are comfortable with, or wonder what we must fight. You can just shut the fuck up on these topics and not bother taking a position.