Posted: May 10, 2017 1:02 pm
by Clive Durdle
I deliberately approached some chuggers:-)

I wanted to find out about who they were chugging for, a charity carrying out specialist surgery for cleft lip.

I have recently been reading about noma in Ziegler Betting on Famine and assumed wrongly that was what their charity was about.

I described briefly what noma is (look it up yourselves!) and how in Nazi occupied Europe it was very common.

One of the chuggers commented about Pearl Harbour the Cold War and how nuclear weapons were used in Vietnam, the colleague did attempt to explain things but I decided to politely leave!

My point of this thread is to comment

Is general knowledge really that poor?

Is this a general issue- a charity with highly skilled doctors being too specialist and not understanding they are at the end of a very long chain where prevention is key?

Is this why we haveTrump and May?