Posted: Nov 09, 2017 3:14 pm
by Keep It Real
So this guy who lives in the block opposite - we share a communal garden. 2 different people have told me before he's a nonce; but I said to them "sorry; but that's insufficient evidence for me - you can't go calling people nonces without heavy evidence". Last night my neighbour was round mine and he told me that this alleged nonce (z) was giving him a lift somewhere and they drove past a school. He then told me that z pursed his lips and said "wow look at all this fine totty - why are they wearing mini-skirts if they don't want it" about the schoolgirls. I know z and thought he was ok - we had a good long chat just the other week - but, well, I went over to confront him about it this morning. Bad move? What would you do/have done?