Posted: Dec 02, 2017 12:01 am
by monkeyboy
I don't give money but I do give the odd one a brew now and then. A homeless guy used to come in the launderette I used to use when I was a student and start scratting around in the powder machine for dregs of powder to wash a few bits in. I used to give him a good scoop of mine and buy him a brew out of the machine. He freely admitted any cash he got went on drugs first, then wine and last food. If there had been anywhere to get him a sandwich or something nearby, I'd have got him one. I did donate him a decent sleeping bag once, ex army thing, waterproof that you could wear like a jacket, with arms and a zip across the knees so you could walk about in it, brought him to tears. I used to keep it in the car for emergencies in the winter but hadn't used it in years, figured he'd get far better use from it. He still had it couple of years later.

There's an old church in Leeds that caters for the homeless. We always do a couple of shoe boxes for Xmas for them to give out. We load them up with a hat, gloves, socks, toiletries, small 1st aid kit, sewing kit, baby wipes, chocs and sweets, tea bags, dried milk, sugar and a tin cup along with a hexi burner. We stuff packets of soup and instant porridge in. It's amazing how much stuff you can get in. Usually costs around £50 for a couple but hopefully it makes someone's Xmas a lot less shitty. They're nearly done, will be dropping them off next week or 2.