Posted: Dec 02, 2017 1:33 am
by jamest
There's something about this which makes me feel really uncomfortable, which is the notion that the 'average person' should feel good or bad every time that they encounter a beggar, since the average person is not responsible for this sort of society they find themselves in, nor are they in a position to resolve the 'beggar problem'. I mean, you might donate enough for a particular beggar to feel happy and comfortable for an evening or two, but in the grand scheme of things this is a fucking waste of your time as it won't solve the beggar problem.

Don't get me wrong, even though I'm not rich I've donated to several charities myself including one I've been donating to monthly for about a decade. However, I now view these charities as utterly short-sighted as what they do is focus entirely upon making some victims of events/circumstance feel better in the short-term.

The really big problem with this particular sort of charity is that it does fuck-all to prevent the need for such charity in the future. Yet millions of us have done so, regularly, as have I. To what ends?!?!

The cruel and harsh truth is that the good people who [in the short-term] provide money/food/goods for those who are suffering, do much to derail where our long-term focus should be and make life so much easier for those in power who [ultimately] deliver these beggars to our hearts.

The UK 'food bank' is a perfect example. Food donations for the poor. Nothing wrong with that in principle, but at least be aware that every time you fill a stranger's tummy, your government doesn't have to. In other words, your government is silently thankful for you facilitating their bollox because without your charity they'd have to negatively change their fucking so-called 'ideals'.

Any fucking government which has to be thankful for the 'charity' of its subjects in order to save its subjects, is imo a fucking failed
government before it even started.

The saying is that "charity begins at home". No thanks. In my home country at least I don't want to see anyone deserving of charity, nor anyone giving that charity, because for me that's the ultimate sign of a failed government.

If you really want to get these cunts out of power, for the sake of everyone's long-term benefit, then be cruel to the short-term poor. That's the harsh reality of the matter, I'm afraid, since long-term change has always required challenging the ultimate status-quo.

As long as the 'good-rich people' here subsidize the failings of the governments upon which we ALL as a supposed UNITY identify, we will continue to be charitable.

... The ironic bottom-line is that the charity/goodness of Joe-Public is that which perpetuates the need for charity and goodness in governments which have their own selfish focus. All of 'em.