Posted: May 03, 2018 4:10 am
by Thommo
Dynalon wrote:
Thommo wrote:
Dynalon wrote:
Thommo wrote:No, the delusion is the part where you think a TV show is a model for reality. Not the part where you quote a 10 year old article about a speculative technology for rudimentary silent communication which has bugger all in common with commanders mind controlling their subordinates, turning them into a hive mind and probably (based on most technological speculations) won't ever come to pass anyway.

By what "technological speculations" will such neurotechnology as I have spoken of never come to fruition and why do you believe that any great military would not desire a hive mind, which would give them such unity as has never been given before to any past military "units"?

You're misreading the first part and the second part is your burden of proof, not mine.

I suggest you go back and read it again more carefully.

I am not clear here, when you say that the second part is my burden of proof. Are you asking me for demonstration that the highest planners of the US military desire a Borg-like hive mind? I've already furnished you with evidence and I suppose I can come up with more, if you like.

You haven't, and you can't.

I mean, for goodness sake, you just quoted soviet space programmes (and cherry picked ones at that) as "evidence" that ants or non-existent characters from a TV show are exploring space. It took more than three attempts for you to understand why I wasn't talking to dead people in this thread.

That isn't rationality, or evidence. It's chatting about which TV shows you like.