Posted: May 03, 2018 4:25 am
by Dynalon
Thommo wrote:
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By what "technological speculations" will such neurotechnology as I have spoken of never come to fruition and why do you believe that any great military would not desire a hive mind, which would give them such unity as has never been given before to any past military "units"?

You're misreading the first part and the second part is your burden of proof, not mine.

I suggest you go back and read it again more carefully.

I am not clear here, when you say that the second part is my burden of proof. Are you asking me for demonstration that the highest planners of the US military desire a Borg-like hive mind? I've already furnished you with evidence and I suppose I can come up with more, if you like.

You haven't, and you can't.

I mean, for goodness sake, you just quoted soviet space programmes (and cherry picked ones at that) as evidence that ants or non-existent characters from a TV show are exploring space.

My examples were hardly cherry-picked. Again, I am no Marxist at all, but there are few areas where the Soviets were not out in front in space exploration and the current modular design of the ISS ultimately stems from Soviet designs of the first Salyut space stations. And as far as ants and other social insects are concerned, their behavior is very interesting for people here on Earth, though you may be loath to admit it:

In any case, it looks like you think science fiction has no influence on US military research, even though I've just informed you about how a DARPA researcher team looked up to Skynet and it also looks like you don't think that a hive mind can compete with traditional liberal democratic norms.

Well, for my part, I think you should think hard and long about this and wonder whether these democratic norms will ultimately serve your wellbeing in the end. I would say that this is hardly certain: something you should think well and hard on. :thumbup: