Posted: May 03, 2018 4:37 am
by surreptitious57
The advancement of technology will inevitably raise moral questions about its use. I presume it is why humanists objected
to your ideas for making the world a more rational place. Although we dont have to look to the future to see the negative consequences of interacting with machines as this is happening now. The internet has completely transformed the way we communicate but it is not exclusively a force for good. And as technology advances the moral questions will become more complex for there will be no frame of reference for them. There will be many such questions for future generations which
are simply not on on our radar since they have yet to be realised but when they are there will be no easy answers to them

I dont label myself a humanist as such but I would in principle have no objection to making the world a more rational place as long as I have no moral objection with regard to how that could actually be implemented. Though I have zero interest in making the world a better place myself because I dont have the spoons to do so. However if I can see that something works
then I would in principle be in favour of it. I prefer pragmatism to idealism for the very simple reason that it actually works