Posted: May 05, 2018 11:42 pm
by Thommo
Dynalon wrote:
Thommo wrote:But no, I don't feel like picking up where I left off as it's quite apparent that there's no point me continuing our attempt at a discussion.

You didn't really even try though. I would have appreciated it if you (and, for that matter, others) had tried harder and had more sources than:

  • Personal incredulity and
  • "But that's science fiction."

I presented neither of those as a source. What actually happened is you derailed my question about mental illness (which was what the thread we were in was about) and bored me to tears by misunderstanding and misrepresenting the same very simple things over and over after I humoured a couple of your questions out of good faith which wasn't reciprocated.

You're clearly just trying to pick a fight (again), which is why you can't even let a simple pun about carry on films made to another poster and having nothing to do with you pass.