Posted: May 06, 2018 12:27 am
by Dynalon
I missed this by the way:

Keep It Real wrote:
Dynalon wrote:By what "technological speculations" will such neurotechnology as I have spoken of never come to fruition and why do you believe that any great big military would not desire a hive mind, which would give them such unity as has never been given before to any past military "units"?

There's more than enough military around for now, wouldn't you agree? And all of it sucks donkey cock from a philosophical level.

Well I suppose we could get rid of all militaries while nothing else changes but the outcome of that is not going to be Imagine but really more what you would expect from a fractious, divided ape species no longer deterred from doing certain things by force of arms. Right now, the axiom of si vis pacem, para bellum is every bit as relevant as it was centuries ago.