Posted: Dec 21, 2018 10:40 am
by surreptitious57
Fallible wrote:
no one said anything about bringing someone totally out of a severe mental illness with reason

That was how I interpreted your comment about absolutely rationalising emotion and this is why I stated I was sceptical
I took it to mean that any mental state can be overcome just by the application of understanding which is not at all true

CBT as you rightly suggest is the most effective methodology against depression but less someone can or wants to change their negative thinking it will be entirely ineffective. Sometimes the depression in question can be so severe that just the will to think positive is not possible even if that state is desired. As Cito says it is only effective some of the time but it is currently the best there is and even the best there can ever be as a holistic type coping mechanism - hence why it is used

No methodology dealing with the human condition will be effective all of the time and so limitations have to be accepted
I dont use CBT myself but what works for me is being detached as much as possible - learning not to hold onto excessively negative [ or positive ] states of mind which are forms of psychological craving and therefore suffering that I should avoid

I know that it works far better when I am in a naturally detached state and so dont have to think about it at all
I never made a conscious effort to become more detached so it slowly developed over time of its own free will
As a consequence I am now now as free as I have ever been and I intend to become even more freer over time