Posted: Jan 26, 2019 4:44 pm
by tuco
Evolving wrote:
tuco wrote:
I would guess so yes, and as a trend? Should women put pressure on women who produce sexual content and profit from toxic masculinity?

I understand why you raise the question, but I think it's a false equivalence: men practising toxic masculinity, and women profiting from it (assuming for the sake of argument that that is what they are doing), are not the same thing. They are at opposite ends of a power gradient. Though I can see that they are perhaps both cementing that gradient in their different ways.


I agree they are not the same, but that was not the question, nor I wanted to frame it that way.

Just we have a group A who says that asking to show boobs is not cool. Alright. Then we have a group B who profits from people who ask to show boobs. In my understanding, group B does nothing to further the argument that its not cool, since they profit from it.