Posted: Jan 26, 2019 5:28 pm
by tuco
Evolving wrote:Surely the difference is consent. Group B is consciously and willingly offering itself as a displayer of boobs (assuming there is no coercion involved, which seems unlikely here), and good for them, if that is what they want; group A has no connection with the men "asking" and feels pestered and demeaned by the unwelcome attention.

There is but its not subject of this debate as it's fairly obvious that the difference is consent.

I will try it one more time, I know I said it but Evolving always been decent to me, we are in a situation when presumably, and according to the Gillette ad which was according to my observations perceived positively around here, men should tell other men they are not cool if they spot toxic masculinity aimed at women. So far so good?

Now we have some women who, partially, profit from toxic masculinity. I do not understand why women should not tell the women in question they are not cool allowing and profiting from toxic masculinity.

I mean, men should teach other men to behave but women who accept not behaving men do not need to be taught anything? To me it does not compute. I am not saying I am a holder of any truth. I asked a question, honestly, with a hope people would think it through.