Posted: Jan 26, 2019 5:56 pm
by Evolving
My thoughts, based on my indisputable qualification to opine on this issue: :)

Taking group A: if I'm a woman (Annegret, say) in that group, I don't want to be pestered by a man in whom I have no sexual or romantic interest. If that man continues to pester me, he is overstepping the mark and ought to stop; and if his friend can see what is going on and restrains him, then that friend is helping: he's helping Annegret, obviously, but he's also helping his male friend, in that he is more likely to have success with women if he behaves in a more adult way.

A woman in group B, on the other hand, (Belinda) is consciously entering a situation in which the same activities by the male participants are welcomed. Belinda is not being pestered. Possible that she is being demeaned, but that was her choice. The behaviour is OK as long as it stays within the defined area in which it has been invited.

Should Annegret disapprove of Belinda? Quite possibly she does. In my opinion the only reasonable justification for that disapproval (the only one that I can think of at the moment, anyway) is if Belinda's activities encourage the men concerned to believe that their behaviour is acceptable outside the defined area. That ought not to be the case, but perhaps it is.

EDIT: and this is your point here:

tuco wrote: I mean, if some women accept it, then there is no question in my mind that some men will continue being toxic simply because in their minds .. some women like it.

I think you have a point.