Posted: Apr 08, 2020 11:04 am
by Keep It Real
Fallible wrote:Also, that women ‘shouldn’t’, and that this belief is held by both men and women still. Women lag behind, rather as they do in football proficiency. As you probably know, women’s football drew enormous crowds, more than men’s matches, until they were banned from playing on any Football Association pitch. Now, women’s football is seen as a joke because surprise surprise, the skills have suffered.

I did NOT know that about women's football and TBH had to google check it to make sure you weren't pulling my leg! Well, there we go, isn't that something. I know I personally thoroughly enjoy watching England's women's team...perhaps moreso even than the men's so it jibes for sure....I don't see it as a joke however, anymore so than the men's game at least. Banned were they...FFS :nono:

Anyway, more thinking from me needed on this topic lest I blunder. In the meantime that documentary referenced in the OP is up on iPlayer (along with around 500 others - serious SARS2 lockdown fodder) and is called "Anna: the woman who went to fight ISIS."