Posted: Apr 08, 2020 12:05 pm
by Keep It Real
Spearthrower wrote:
Keep It Real wrote:Perhaps there are more male leaders largely because males tend to be more inclined to seek leadership and/or are simply generally better at it, as with chess and drum and bass producer professionals?

Are you really, really sure - pinky swear - that this is a serious thread?

If it is - why did you write this?

Yes, I'm sure (see "airstrike fatality" in OP) - the reason I wrote that...ummm, because...thoughts in my brain? Misplaced and erroneous thoughts, quite possibly, granted, especially RE my bold. The "inclination" bit seems to meet with some agreement so far however, and if the Record Breakers theme tune is to be believed "dedication's what you need (if you wanna be a record breaker (succesful - ed)) - and how can one have dedication in the cause of achieving a leadership role if one is not inclined to seek it.